Fame Fathers


Fame Fathers Walk

Make a year-long commitment to:

Improve your work and life skills

Acquire more education for yourself and become a role model for your children

Support your children financially, spiritually and emotionally

Dedicate yourself to your family

Build, clean and maintain your community 

Become an entrepreneur and develop economic resources


Caution: Parents should always be aware of who comes in contact with their children. Strange or unfamiliar adults should not talk to, communicate with or come into contact with children they do not know. And please advise your children to never talk to anyone they do not know.


The Fame Fathers Walk is coordinated by Fame Fathers and is supported by the Summit County Fatherhood Initiative; Stark County Fatherhood Coalition; Akron Public Schools and public/private schools throughout northeast Ohio;  Summit County Council; the City of Akron; area PTA and PTO Councils; and Akron and Vicinity Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (AVIMA).



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Print our support materials for the day of the event:

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Fame Fathers Walk

When men are involved in their child's education, children perform better in school.

On September 22, 2016, thousands of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, godfathers, cousins, and other significant male caregivers and mentors will walk or drive their children to school to show their support of their children's education.


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Please note that we will contact you after September 18th for a report on how many men and children, greeters, and other volunteers participated in the 2014 Fathers Walk.


Questions? Want more information? Contact Jacquie at 330-329-2472 or email: [email protected]




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